Wedding Venue Lighting

How to light a wedding venue to make your clients’ special day even more magical

There is an awful lot of effort that goes into planning a wedding as a wedding planner or wedding venue manager; liaising with the bride and groom, organising table plans, decorating the venue, liaising with catering providers to finalise the menu (whether external or in house), ensuring everything is timed to perfection… the list goes on!

One thing that often gets overlooked in favour of either more traditional methods or current in-house equipment is wedding venue lighting. Many venues rely on the equipment they already have available and fit the lighting design around this but with a few simple additions and a little creativity you can transform almost any venue into a spectacular and magical setting.

Great wedding venue lighting enhances the atmosphere and creates an ambience that both compliments and accentuates decor such as table and chair decorations, floral centrepieces, and the building’s unique architecture. When done well, venue lighting can magnify and strengthen any given wedding theme and establish a mood fitting for the bride and groom’s vision for their wedding day. This becomes especially important during the evening or in darker indoor venues with little natural lighting but even during bright, sunny days, great lighting can bring a venue to life.

Wedding venue lighting ideas

Whether you have a lot of outdoor or indoor space to make use of or very little, the right lighting solution can completely change the aesthetic and bring your venue to life in a way that will make your wedding event that more special to clients and guests alike.

Here’s a few ideas for creative lighting for wedding venues using Easy Wireless products:

Festoon lights

Strings of festoon lights can be hung along walkways or corridors, both indoors and outdoors, to illuminate the path for guests and add a romantic ambience. This is especially effective outdoors when paired with other forms of outdoor mood lighting such as tiki torches and decorative paper lanterns set on the floor.

You could also create a ceiling of light by stringing multiple strings of festoon lights between two structures, along a trellis, or amongst and between the beams of a vaulted ceiling. This is especially effective at night over a large open space, such as a patio area, outdoor dining space, or barn interior and creates a very effective canopy of light.

If there is a particularly impressive tree nearby that can either be used as a backdrop for the nuptials or would look great in wedding photographs, you can bring it to life by wrapping strings of festoon lights around the trunk and branches. Not only does it make the tree (almost) literally shine, but it creates an otherworldly feel that adds to the magic of the day.

If there is a beautiful architectural wall feature or a barn door or similar, festoon lights can be hung loosely down it to create an accent wall.

If you’d like to create separate areas, you can create a beautiful partition by hanging translucent panelling or sheets vertically around strings of festoons. This can also make a memorable and breathtaking backdrop that is wonderfully backlit and creates a very effective accent wall for taking silhouette portraits against.

Hanging multiple strings of festoon lights amongst overhanging branches in a wooded area can also create an immensely atmospheric fantasy, fairy-tale wedding world.

Uplighting using ColourPoint and ColourPoint Mini

Uplighting can transform almost any room or location into a beautiful and atmospheric wedding venue. Add a splash of colour into the mix, and you have a brilliant recipe for mood lighting that brings your wedding venue to life.

Place a ColourPoint Mini on either side of your venue’s main entrance and create a welcoming ambience or breathtaking mood lighting, depending on your venue’s architecture, colour palette, and which colour you program the ColourPoint Mini to.

Light up magnificent trees in your outdoor surroundings with a splash of colour from a ColourPoint or ColourPoint Mini, depending on the size of the tree, and it’ll produce a talking point amongst guests and provide a focal point for the location or create a beautiful, picturesque ambience for the wedding.

Place ColourPoint Mini’s at intervals along the internal walls of your wedding venue, dance hall, or banqueting hall to bring your venue’s architecture to life. You can program the ColourPoint to match the colour theme of your client’s wedding too.

Splash colour across an entire side of your building by angling ColourPoints at intervals so the light is spread evenly across the surface. This will create an absolutely stunning effect that can be viewed from a distance and, much like the accent wall mentioned above with the festoon lights, this effect can make a beautiful coloured wall to take silhouette portraits or wedding photos against.

If you’re using a marquee, set up ColourPoint or ColourPoint Mini lamps at intervals around the edge of the marquee in either a warm white or vibrant colour, adding a little extra wow factor to proceedings.

Take full advantage of any architectural or large landscape features by uplighting them with either the ColourPoint or ColourPoint Mini. Accentuating particular architectural features can really breathe life into a venue and take your wedding venue lighting to the next level.

Create feature lighting with the TablePoint LED wireless table light

The TablePoint is a very versatile wireless LED light and the best thing about it, other than the fact it includes premium RGBW colours, is that it needs no cables to power it. This means that you can place multiple TablePoints at various locations around the venue without leaving a trail of cables. It also comes with a magnetic base and a 3-way lamp attachment adaptor, allowing you to fit it to lamps with an edison screw, small edison screw, and bayonet cap fitting or attach to any ferrous metal.

Place TablePoint lights in lanterns at intervals around your wedding venue (indoors or outdoors) to provide feature lighting with either a warm white light or coloured lighting of your choice to match the theme or venue using the bluetooth app.

Place TablePoint lights in beautiful lamps at the centre of each table to provide some wonderful mood lighting during the wedding breakfast, evening meal, or as an accessory throughout the event.

Create a colourful landscape using translucent furniture or lampshades and TablePoint lights set to a rich and vibrant colour. This will add a touch of magic to the evening wedding function or in darker rooms.

If you have a lovely outdoors area with large trees at your wedding venue, you could hang lanterns or translucent orbs with a TablePoint inside to illuminate the area and create a fairy tale atmosphere.

Never underestimate the power of a spotlight using the wireless and magnetic PinPoint

With its bright 4 degree beam spread, the PinPoint spotlight can precisely illuminate any object and with its magnetic base, you can attach it to any surface made of ferrous metal. Alternatively, you can mount it to a clamp using the M10 thread in the base. This means that you can light up your beautiful floral centrepieces and arrangements during the wedding banquet or throughout the day and into the evening, bringing attention to them and making them stand out.

If you have particular features, architectural details, artwork, statues, or anything that would look great with some light on it, you can focus a PinPoint spotlight on it to bring it to life, adding to the overall aesthetics of the wedding.

Focus a pin spot on the wedding cake using the PinPoint to highlight it and make it a focal point before it is cut. 

If you’ve got ice sculptures or other large, standout decorations, focus a PinPoint on them to help bring them to life.

If you have any glass features or ornaments, a well placed spotlight can make them shine and sparkle.

Enhance your next wedding event with the perfect lighting solution!