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    The battery powered ColourPoint Wireless LED Uplighter is designed to be both aesthetically attractive for the most exclusive indoor environments and IP65 weatherproof for outdoor use. As one of the most powerful LED lighting units available it can be used to light buildings and trees up to 5 storeys simply running from battery power. A small number of ColourPoint units can instantly transform any function indoors or outdoors, from small parties to large corporate events, wedding and entertainment venues, and can also be used as stage lighting. With a tilting head up to 45 degrees and replaceable shrouds for alternative colours increase the flexibilty of the units for lighting statues and picking out other objects beyond just being an uplighter.

    • Lights up to 5 storeys with tilting head up to 45 degrees.
    • 4 RGBW quad colour LED at 60 Watts
    • Weatherproof (IP65) with interchangeable stainless steel shrouds
    • Wireless DMX (W-DMX)
    • 8 Hours runtime with lithium battery on full power
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    ColourPoint Mini is a professional wireless battery LED uplighter designed to be aesthetically beautiful in the most exclusive indoor settings with the ability to work outdoors in all seasons. The units are lightweight, small, attractive and very discrete with their unique CORE trademark styling similar to the ColourPoint bigger brother. Used for enhancing function rooms, adding a splash of colour to buildings up to 3 storeys, exterior and tree lighting and other artistic lighting from a small but powerful unit. The units feature two RGBW quad colour LED arrays, with a maximum output 40W/over 1200 lumens.

    With built-in Bluetooth to operate from the CORE Lightdesk app on Android and iOS with capability to add wireless DMX cable-free operation as an option.

    Have a look at the ColourPoint Mini brochure to get a better understanding of the specifications, capacity and available accessories.

    • Lights up to 3 storeys
    • 2 x RGBW quad colour LED/40W with internal tilting mechanism for robustness
    • Weatherproof (IP65)
    • Bluetooth. Optional extra Wireless DMX (W-DMX) control (please call)
    • Minimum 8 Hours lifetime with lithium battery on full power

    Single colourpoint mini and charger (flight case options please call 01452 812597)

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