Rechargeable Battery Display Lighting System EnergyPoint (Indoor – 52Ah) (Hire)


The CORE Display lighting system, available for hire, provides up to four LED Clampspot or Stemspot lamps running from a CORE EnergyPoint battery unit for lighting exhibition stands, art objects or commercial product promotion. There are two sizes of battery pack available depending on whether 2 or 4 lamps are being run (26Ah for 2 lamps or 52Ah for 4 lamps).

The silver painted Clampspots have a very high 90CRI index of light quality for excellent colour rendering of the items being lit so are ideal for subjects such as jewellery, sculpture pieces, paintings or commercial products. They provide a 7.5Watt neutral white light output equivalent to a 50Watt tungsten filament lamp and have a beam angle of 36degrees. They have a 4000K colour temperature producing 660lumens of light. Lightbulbs are changeable by the user to other white shades or power rating, although our experience has selected the brightest and best characteristics for the most likely applications. The Clampspots may be clamped to shelves, products, upright stand parts using the bulldog clip arrangement with soft foam inserts.

The EnergyPoint is available in 26Ah and 52Ah with the carry case in the picture included. This gives protection and makes it easy to carry and hang up.

The EnergyPoint, Rechargeable Battery Pack was designed for instant, temporary power anywhere. The CORE EnergyPoint is ideal for fast deployment of power for 12V products such as LED lamps, LED striplights, fans, motorised products etc.

Here we make the product available with our LED Stemspots.

The rechargeable battery pack with the stemspots added is ideal for merchandising. As battery power means no messy cables and the ability to use forms of traditional lighting in areas where power is either not available or is expensive and can be recharged at home or in a hotel room for just 8 pence [cost of electricity consumed based on 15p/kWh]. For example this product can be used for exhibitions, shopping centres, market stalls, marquee tents and field work.

Have a look at the EnergyPoint brochure to get an idea about the benefits, features, run time and more.

Runtime = 14 hrs